Almira – Sofa


Height Depth Width
3 Seater 29″ 38″ 89″
Loveseat 29″ 38″ 69″
Introducing the luxurious “ALMIRA sofa and loveseat set, a harmonious blend of style and comfort that will transform your living space into a haven of elegance. The front parts of the arms are adorned with a specially designed velvet fabric, adding a unique touch of sophistication. Meanwhile, the backrest and seating area feature a sumptuous plain rich velvet, providing a smooth and indulgent seating experience. Both arms of the ALMIRA set are gracefully embraced by an arch design. Enhancing the set’s overall aesthetic, the ALMIRA set is supported by stainless steel gold legs and  comes with eight designer pillows.

3 Seater, Loveseat, Armchair, Sofa Set


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