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Don’t let ordinary kitchen cabinets ruin your décor when you can afford exquisitely designed delight cabinets, taking your kitchen décor to a whole new level.

It’s understood that a modular kitchen is an array of selection of cabinets and kitchen elements that suits your need, which focuses on space, convenience, economy, and utility value. So, whether you’re considering a big stylish kitchen or accommodating cabinets into a small one, our delight kitchen cabinets bring out the best version of your kitchen because the right kitchen design will simply bring convenience to your life in terms of storage as well aesthetics.

We are a prestigious kitchen cabinets manufacturer in Toronto, taking pride in delivering kitchen cabinets in three different styles: glossy, solid wood shaker. Moreover, our fully mechanized state-of-the-art manufacturing lets you enjoy the outcome, ensuring premium quality delight cabinets right within your budget.


  • Glossy: Scant ¾ inch thick MDF board, with PET laminate on the exterior and melamine laminate on the interior, ABS banding of matching color on all edges.
  • Solid Wood Shaker: 5-piece shaker door with ¾ inch Solid Wood Frame and 3/8’’ MDF Core. Painted Finishes on Exterior and All Edges.

Door Colors


Glossy White, Grey Shaker, White Shaker


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